If you have had an accident at your place of work which you believe could have been prevented if you had the correct personal protective equipment then you should get in touch with our specialists at Edwards Hoyle to discuss whether you should make a claim against your employer.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE as it is usually referred to includes a wide range of items to protect you when you're at work and it's your employer's responsibility to provide the right equipment, in a good state of repair. PPE may include breathing apparatus, protective eyewear, protective clothing and footwear, and most commonly, protective gloves.

The PPE you are provided with must be suitable for the job, and offer the right level of protection. Also appropriate training must be offered to ensure that you know how to use the equipment.

Can I enter into a no win � no fee arrangement if I have a claim relating to a lack of safety equipment?

It is your employer's responsibility to supply the correct safety equipment, to ensure you know how to use it and that it is fit for its task. If you suffer an injury or accident because your PPE wasn't appropriate then you should talk to a member of our specialist PPE team to discuss whether you should make a claim.

What happens next?

We will tell you whether we believe you have a good claim and whether it will succeed. If we accept your case then we will enter in to a no win no fee agreement with you so you have nothing to pay win or lose.

How much will I get for my accident at work claim?

Each claim is determined on the individual circumstances, although the courts all work within guidelines in an attempt to ensure that compensation is fair and appropriate wherever it is awarded. You will receive the full amount awarded as our fees will be claimed from the party at fault.

What about my medical costs?

Getting you back to full health and fitness will be our first priority. We will contact the insurer of the party at fault (usually in this case your employer) and as soon as they have accepted liability we will arrange for you to see a specialist who will aim to rectify your physical condition as soon as possible. All of your medical costs will be covered including travel and any arrangements you might need to make at home such as childcare, just make sure you keep hold of all your receipts.

If you have suffered from an accident, injury or work related illness then call and speak to one of our specialists today. We are here to help you and we have the expertise to resolve any claim you make quickly and efficiently.